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Desireé: Never has a high-heeled shoe been so comfortable.


Desireé Shoes is a well-known manufacturer of Spanish footwear and shoes made in Spain from Elche, in the province of Alicante. More than 30 years of experience manufacturing shoes, a formidable team of shoemakers, and the studies and certifications in shoe manufacturing as endorsed by INESCOP, guarantee that this brand offers you the best comfortable footwear for your feet.

The Desireé brand is specialized in comfortable high heels. After so many years of practice in shoemaking, Desireé Shoes have developed their original concepts Total Flex and Comfort Walk.

Uniting the technology of both concepts, a wonderful combination of the best materials and the most innovative technologies in shoemaking, Desireé manufactures probably the most comfortable high-heeled shoes that exist, which allow any woman to wear high-heeled shoes during long working hours , cushioning the ravages of fatigue in your feet, legs and lower back.

Don't give up on wearing heels! With Desireé Shoes, you can too!

Here are some of the features that make Desireé Shoes' heeled shoes so comfortable:

- Pad-soft: A latex cushion at the height of the Achilles tendon, just where the heel of the shoe ends at the top, adds extra comfort by cushioning friction in that area.

- Natural leather: The selection of the best leather is a basic in the manufacture of comfortable and quality footwear.

- Ergonomic lasts: They ensure that the shape of the shoe respects the anatomy of the foot, avoiding pressing it, providing comfort and well-being at every step.

- Total flexibility: Both the choice of materials, from the leather to the rubber of the soles, and the entire internal structure of the Desireé shoe, is designed to achieve ideal flexibility, so that the footwear is as comfortable as possible.

- Footprint effect: A leather-lined gel foam insole, with memory effect, provides additional padding in the tread, while preventing the foot from slipping inside the shoe.

- Softness: Once again, the quality of the leathers and other materials plays a fundamental role in the manufacture of these high-heeled shoes, providing a sensation of incomparable softness.

- Absorbent and breathable: Excess moisture produced by foot perspiration evaporates to a large extent thanks to the use of natural and breathable materials, which also help to absorb any that may remain and keep the foot dry.

- Shock absorption: Desireé's shock-absorbing technology reduces the impact of each step, helping to prevent lower back and knee problems caused by repeated impacts when walking with heels.

- Rest area in the metatarsal: The lower front part of the feet, just at the beginning of the toes, is the one that suffers the most with the use of high-heeled shoes. A special padding in that area helps to relieve the load on the area when you spend long periods of time on your feet.

- Non-slip pattern on the sole: Desireé finishes off all its floors with a non-slip pattern to prevent slipping and give you more security when walking with your heels.


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