Shoes + Elche = Quality

Elche city is worldwide known for the manufacture of quality footwear. The story goes back to the Muslim era, where there are already signs of espadrille making tradition.

Today many small companies, workshops and family factories, scattered throughout the immense Elche countryside, work endlessly making excellent footwear of great quality and comparable value for money.

This is the story of how we help those brave

This is our story - How it all began: Paqui Marchante and Manu Segarra, a couple from Elche, each with their own story.

Manu has always been involved in footwear industry in many ways. Paqui from a young age in shoe manufacturing and logistics.

One good day we wanted to exalt Elche...

One day, when travelling abroad, we saw some shoes from Elche in a shop window. So happy to see a little piece of homeland in a store so far away!

But when we saw the price, triple than in Elche! The shoes that we did not value because we had always had it here, it turns out that they were so appreciated abroad that they were paid at 3 times their price in origin.

That day we didn't stop thinking about how to make our footwear get to everywhere, while keeping its true value ... We had it very clear: We would set up an online shoe store.

We would take Elche and its shoes to every house!
And would show their quality and their variety!
All over the world!

Our concept would be Made in Spain.
Made in Elche or surroundings

Many families here earn their living with the shoe industry: assemblers, cutters, gluers, stitchers, planters, packers, truckers, stockists, delivery men, merchants and, of course, shoemakers!

So we made our second decision: "We will only sell products from here." Made in Spain, if possible a local product: Elche, Elda, Villena, Novelda, Crevillente, Vega Baja.

Our shoe store would give a resounding no to imports, to the big brands that do not generate employment here, and to poor quality shoes.

So we had it:

We only sell shoes and footwear Made in Spain,
100% leather, manufactured by small local factories and workshops.

And we would also show Elche to the whole world, and we would send with each product a piece of Elche, of our culture.

When we created our store we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the online market ...

We knew there was a huge technology gap in the distance between two screens. And we wanted to bring to our online store the typical shoe store in your neighbourhood, where you have been known for your whole life, and where you feel comfortable and safe choosing and buying your footwear.

So we created the concept of The Shoe Store at Home, totally focused on how we would differentiate ourselves through our customer service.

Here we are, who love customer service! What is the problem then in taking, as it is, the trusted neighbourhood shoe store, to your home, online? It was exactly what we did.

Since then at Bouttye we take care of the detail. We enable all communication channels so that when you buy your shoes you have, in addition to the best footwear, the best service.

If you want to talk to someone, here we are, serving those who want to buy with the confidence that your trusted shoe store you, knowing who is the person who attend you, who understands you, who knows you and honestly advises you.

Our story with you is about to begin: Come in, have a look, ask and enjoy with our shoes as we will do attending you. You are at your home.

And if you drop a call when you come to Elche, we'll go out for some tapas together!