Meet Bouttye Online Shoes

100% Made in Spain footwear from small producers


We like to define ourselves as a "neighbourhood shoe store on the Internet". What does this mean? Well…

  • That we are a small family business from a shoemakers city.
  • That we only work with local and regional product of guaranteed quality, almost everything in 100% leather.
  • And that we are proud of meeting and serving our customers personally. We prefer phone and WhatsApp rather than emails and contact forms.

That said, you need to know more? Keep on reading!


We are a small family business in the city of Elche. It is a beautiful and touristic city, but mostly an industry and shoemakers city with a long tradition in the manufacture of footwear.

We work mostly leather shoes, and some fabric shoes also, but we don't work with leather imitation materials, synthetic leather or plastic.

Our main work line is classic and comfortable footwear, for ladies and gentlemen, although we don't discard children footwear and some trendy fashion lines, always with the same quality and guarantees.

Our facilities are warehouses and offices, and we don't sale directly in physical stores.


With a "Made in Spain" and "by small producers" product philosophy, we only work with small workshops and local factories in the area, from both our own city Elche, and from some other twinned cities that also earn their living by shoemaking, such as Elda, Novelda, Villena or Almansa.

They keep on manufacturing their shoes traditionally with top quality raw materials. We don't work with big brands, but we do with products of national and international recognized quality.

When you shop in Bouttye you are supporting these artisans, and all the companies and families that directly or indirectly depend on the footwear industry, and also 100% Spaniard.

We only work with quality products, Made in Spain, and mostly 100% natural leather made.

Is because of that we want to THANK YOU for shopping here.

When you shop at Bouttye you are helping to make ends meet to many families employed directly in the shoe making industry, as well as the auxiliary industry.
On behalf of all the assemblers, cutters, glue makers, trimmers, sewers, packers, truckers, delivery agents, vendors, and of course... shoemakers!

Thank you so much! :-)

 P.S.: If you ever come to visit Elche, get in touch with us via email (or call us) and we will show you the city with great pleasure.

Very important: Who we are NOT.

We are NOT Amazon, Zara, Zalando or Spartoo, nor are we comparable with any big market or marketplace in many ways. 

We DO NOT have the best prices on the market at the cost of giving an impersonal service and sacrificing customer service and contact.

We are NOT infallible. We are sometimes wrong, just like anyone.

We DO NOT have customer attention call centres to handle calls, inquiries and complaints. We do it in person.

We DO NOT work with rubbish production lines in far away countries with cheap manufactures of dubious origin, as much in quality as in ethics.

If you are looking for any of these characteristics, we must tell you that you ARE NOT in the proper place.

If on the contrary you are looking for buying in a trustful place, where you are treated as if it were the store close to your home, where they listen to you when you have a problem, advise you honestly, and you can be confident on any aspect, then this is the right place.


You came this far, so it's only fair that we give you a little discount, isn't it? 

Please use this discount code in your next purchase, and you will have an additional 5% OFF, that you can add to any other offer or promotion that we are running. Just for paying attention.