• Menorcan Sandals

    The menorcan sandals known as Avarcas (or abarcas) is a type of sandal popular in the Balearic Islands (Spain), especially in Menorca. They are also popularly known as "menorquinas". Avarcas are made using natural leather for cutting and insole, and a synthetic sole, generalemten of rubber or polyurethane.

    The avarca is a traditional sandal originally developed in Menorca, in the Balearic Islands. The original avarcas were made with leather for the top (the cut), while the floor was a piece of recycled car tire. Nowadays the soles of the avarcas maintain the original design with a drawing in the floor similar to the one of the tires, but made with a mold for such purpose, like any other synthetic foot of modern footwear. This way the soles are sturdier and much lighter than the original car tire.

    In short the avarca is a fresh, very comfortable, light and resistant footwear.

    Although the originals began to be made on the island of Menorca, there are manufacturers of other localities, such as Elche, which currently manufacture avarcas of the highest quality.

  • Man boots

    Here you will find the best selection of boots for men on skin: biker boots, Cowboy Boots, riding boots, man skin boots and boots of trekking, hunting, or hiking amongst others., your best choice for buy online man boots.

  • Biker boots
  • Sandals

    SANDALS for MEN are a type of footwear that exposes different parts of the foot like the fingers or the instep. Due to their poor coverage, they are mainly used in summer, and in warmer places.

    Men's sandals should be worn alone, and should not be combined with socks or other footwear at any time.

    The origin of sandals for men goes back thousands of years in antigáedad, to civilizations like Assyria or Roman. They were used mainly for footpaths, so they should be resistant to the time that they allow the ventilation, since they were placed in places of very warm climate.

    We find different varieties of sandals for men, like for example sandals of skin, of anatomical plant, breathable lining, and of adjustment with straps and Velcro.

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  • Special-Size Shoes

    By SPECIAL SIZE we mean those that come out of the most habitual ones.

    Being a product oriented to a minority with more specific needs, these special sizes are more difficult to find, and we often find vendors who specialize in this particular sector.

    We find special sizes of various products, such as belts, leather shoes, sandals, moccasins or semi-blucher shoes.

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  • Shoes

    MEN'S SHOES include a wide variety of footwear with different purposes, materials and designs, but always with a common purpose, which is to keep our foot clean, safe and comfortable.

    The materials that are used for men's shoes are diverse, and always vary depending on the function and the environment in which we will need them. Sometimes, the resistance of the footwear may prevail, or in others, prefer a fabric that transpire correctly and let the foot breathe.

    Within men's shoes we find loafer shoes, engraved leather shoes, Italian shoes, rubber sole or polyurethane sole, moccasins, pre-punk shoes, nautical shoes, shoes with a mask, sanitary clogs, and shoes microfiber sanitary ware.

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  • Hospital Shoes

    Buy online MEN HOSPITAL SHOES at the best price and with the best quality and warranty. 100% leather Made in Spain - FREE SHIPPING AND CHANGES.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 93 items

If you're looking to buy men's shoes online, here you will find a wide variety of models and styles.

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