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Urban Jungles Shoes and Footwear Full Leather Made in Spain  

Urban Jungles
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Urban Jungles

Urban Jungles is a Spanish footwear brand, by the shoe manufacturing company Kiowamoda, SL, located in the industrial and shoemaking city of Elche (Alicante) Spain, internationally recognized for being the cradle of high-quality footwear and shoe manufacturing in our country.

What characterizes Urban Jungles shoes is very well summarized in the message that accompanies their footwear on its label:

“Welcome to the circle of those who know how to appreciate the art and quality of shoes made as in the past, handcrafted by hand with a moccasin-like construction that is especially comfortable as you don't notice the seams.

We are proud to create limited series of high-level footwear, with a classic and timeless design, that you will enjoy for a long time. ”

When we have the Urban Jungles footwear in our hands, we are dealing with a manufacture of high quality shoes in full leather and nationally made in Spain, handmade as it has been traditionally done for centuries. They are comfortable, breathable and durable shoes.

These are some of the characteristics of the Urban Jungles brand and its shoes:

- Manual sewing shoe and traditional kiowa type construction.

- Very breathable footwear, allows the foot to be free of moisture.

- Shoe designed respecting the natural shape of the foot, without trapping it.

- 100% full leather footwear, chosen for its special softness and durability.

If you are looking for a quality, comfortable men's shoe, made with natural materials such as leather, and that lasts a long time, with an excellent value for money, Urban Jungles is the best choice for your footwear.

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